9 basic principles of hair care

  • The scalp and hair care not the same, whether cleaning or care, please treat them as different parts and use different products on them. Usually, long hair is more convenient to be separated for care but short hair is not the same. Unless specially indicated, the conditioner should not directly touch the scalp.
  • The main purpose of shampoo is to clean the grease, dust, and shedding dander on the scalp. Hair does not require frequent and strong cleaning.
  • The healthiest part of the hair is the newborn parts. The tail of the hair is the “oldest” part which has been damaged, so when the hair bifurcate, don’t hesitate to cut them off.
  • Hair is easy to get damaged.It is extremely difficult to recover. Here are some common causes of damage to hair: hot dye, frequent hot straightening, hot air drying, wet comb or over dry comb, nail scratching, rubber Tendons tied, and strong cleaning products.                                                       
  • Treat hair as fabric. It’s hard to completely change the characteristics of a fabric. All the moisture is temporary, like cosmetics. They don’t really penetrate into the hair. So don’t depend on these products too much.
  • Clean hair has fluffy appearance.The hair becomes smooth with the natural oils produced by our scalp. So when cleaning hair we must apply the products with appropriate care ingredients. Besides cleaning ingredients, most shampoo contains the hair care ingredients. If you use the products without hair care function, remember to apply the latter after hair cleaning.
  • Everyone should choose hair care product based on their own scalp and hair nature. For example, oily scalp needs strong cleaning ingredients, but this will make the hair dry. Therefore strengthening moisture is needed. For those who wash hair every day or whose scalp is not greasy, you can use shampoo with medium cleaning ability. For those with fine soft hair, if you want to pursue fluffy effect, use shampoo with conditioning ingredients on the scalp and hair root, just applying moisturizing ingredients on the hair tail.
  • There are not a product and a care program for everyone, so try different products and care tools to slowly grope for suitable products and cleaning methods.
  •  With the changes in the environment, your hair and scalp environment has a corresponding change. Do not use the same product and the same care measures throughout the year. In summer increase the cleaning frequency, use more powerful shampoo products. While in winter you should reduce the cleaning frequency and intensity.

How to Get Shining Long hair?

In the street, when you see a beauty with a long, straight and soft hair, maybe you will think she just came out of the barber shop. In fact, the hair grows every day. It needs our care. The effect from a barber shop out of the effect lasts for only a moment. Today we would like to share some experience about how to get beautiful long hair.图片1

  • If you have dandruff, do not use anti-dandruff shampoo. Anti-dandruff shampoo will make your scalp drier. Scalp is the place where hair absorbs nutrition. If the scalp is dry, then the corresponding hair will become fragile. We recommend you with neutral shampoo. Better not to stick on one brand but often try different brands.


  • How to wash your hair? Do not scratch your scalp with your nails. It is recommended to firstly rub the shampoo and create the lather in your palm. Then massage your hair with your fingertips. The finger nails are hard and long. They will easily to hurt your scalp with scratching.图片3
  • Conditioner. Conditioner should not be applied on the scalp but on the hair 10 cm from the hair root (you can reapply it on hair tip). Gently massage your hair and let your hair absorb the essence. This step needs 5 to 10 minutes. 图片4
  • How to comb your hair when you rinse hair? Do not comb directly from the scalp to the hair tip. Hair will be knotted off and easily get broken. Gradually comb upwards from below part. First, comb hair tip; then move to the middle part; the last it to comb from the scalp to the hair tip.图片5
  • Pay attention to the material of your comb. Use wooden comb or massaging comb. They can prevent static electricity effectively and massage the scalp, promoting hair growth.图片6
  • Hair oil. Every time after washing the head, when 70%-80% hair is dry, drip 3 to 5 drops of hair oil in the palm, and then rub hands to warm it up. Evenly apply the oil on the hair tail. Apply the rest on the middle part. Rub your hair with your palm for absorb (If it is your first time to use hair oil, try 1-2 drops only. Otherwise you may feel the hair is too greasy.


  • Changing the hair quality is a slow process. The key is to insist on doing it. Try these tips for getting beautiful shining hair soon!