Tips of Skin Care in New Semester

It’s another semester! A substantial study life begins. The study pressure will be heavier than before, but it’s not the reason for you to neglect skin care. It’s a must for you to bear in mind that the face is yours. Take measures now. Don’t wait until your skin problems occur. How to do care skin simply but effectively in your busy school life?

1.It’s necessary to use make-up removers every day because there’re mass of dirt, sweat and oil on your face, whether you wear make up or not. There’s no doubt to remove your make up every day no matter how tired you are. And the next is facial cleansing. For this part, you can choose some tools like facial brush which can clean face deeply but convenient.


2.Masks can be divided into cleansing mask, hydrating mask, whitening mask and so on. Convenience is the dominant point for you, so the popular multi-functional sheet mask can meet your demands. For sensitive or dry skin, it’s enough to apply cleansing mask once a week. If you have oily skin, consider using it twice a week. However, applying hydrating mask twice a week is a must for you. No matter what skin type or skin problems you have, moisturizing is the basic.


3. Antisecosis should be taken consideration into skin care, besides skin care products. Often eating greasy and unhealthy food can cause hormone imbalance, which triggers a series of skin problems, for example, getting pimples. Therefore several of skin problems still are gradually produced even if you do well in facial cleansing and applying masks. Remember to include more vegetables and fruits and less greasy foods in your diet.


4. Sports. Exercises can speed up metabolism and eliminate skin’s dirt. You will find that the skins of people with regular exercises are healthy and ruddy.


Studying is the significant task, but you can’t neglect your skin. Skin care isn’t a trouble any more as long as you develop a good habit. At the last, happy back to school!


Tips for getting rid of Acne

Causes of formation of Acne

It’s well believed that acnes are mainly caused by oil secretion, excessive accumulation of horny pores, and the growth of bacterial. Instead, it may also be caused by unreasonable diet, nerves, visceral dysfunction, poor living or working conditions, the lack of certain rare elements, genetic factors, and constipation. For teenagers, it is probably caused by puberty development – increasing levels of hormones in the body, stimulating epithelial cells, gathering into a white substance symbolization inside the hair and generating the acne.

It’s undeniable that acne is a common thing people suffer in adolescence.1

How to prevent?

  • Do not use the skin care products which contain excess of grease
    • Do not use astringent as soon as you wash your face, because it would clog your sebaceous gland with the addition of the “original grease”.


  • Do not have heavy makeup
    • It’s understandable to apply foundation to cover up those acnes,but it not only would block pores, and also aggravate the situation. If the situation is slight, you might use water-soluble foundation for a short period. If not, you’d better stop making up.
  • Add moisture frequently
    • In order to prevent skin from aging and keep the skin’s elastic luster, adding moisture is indispensable.
  • Have a healthy diet
    • Balance your diet is of importance. It’s well-known that an apple a day, keep the doctor away. At this point, “An apple” is a healthy diet and “the doctor” is the acne.
    • Eat less those food with sugar, starch, grease and spicy.
    • At least have 7 hours’ sleeping everyday


How to get rid of it?

  • Aloe + honey: take a small piece of fresh aloe vera, cut into small pieces, put in a pot with 500 ml of water to boil for 15 minutes.Then remove the aloe residue, take the filtrate, add some honey in it and all set to drink. Meanwhile, it’s beneficial for anti-acne to apply aloe slices to face once a day.3
  • Milk + strawberry whitening anti-acne mask: strawberry yogurt mask is popular in recent years. It’s not difficult for you to DIY one. First, add 50 grams of strawberry mashed to filter in a double-decker of gauze; drop the filtrate into a cup of fresh milk, apply strawberry milk to the face and neck after stirring well and massage; keep the milk in the face about 15 minutes before cleaning. This beauty milk can nourish and cleanse your skin with a mild convergence and anti-wrinkle effect.4
  • Milk + mung bean whitening anti-acne mask: grind the green beans with skin, and then slowly pour it into a cup of fresh milk, and stir it till a paste; next, apply the mask to your face, starting from the chin, to the cheeks, nose, forehead evenly, and apply a slightly wet mask paper abovein order to avoid the mask from evaporating too fast in the air. 30 minutes later, you can wash the mask. Furthermore, the mask should not be on the face for too long, otherwise it would plug the pores consequently.                                                                    5


Wish you get rid of acne ASAP.

How to Get Shining Long hair?

In the street, when you see a beauty with a long, straight and soft hair, maybe you will think she just came out of the barber shop. In fact, the hair grows every day. It needs our care. The effect from a barber shop out of the effect lasts for only a moment. Today we would like to share some experience about how to get beautiful long hair.图片1

  • If you have dandruff, do not use anti-dandruff shampoo. Anti-dandruff shampoo will make your scalp drier. Scalp is the place where hair absorbs nutrition. If the scalp is dry, then the corresponding hair will become fragile. We recommend you with neutral shampoo. Better not to stick on one brand but often try different brands.


  • How to wash your hair? Do not scratch your scalp with your nails. It is recommended to firstly rub the shampoo and create the lather in your palm. Then massage your hair with your fingertips. The finger nails are hard and long. They will easily to hurt your scalp with scratching.图片3
  • Conditioner. Conditioner should not be applied on the scalp but on the hair 10 cm from the hair root (you can reapply it on hair tip). Gently massage your hair and let your hair absorb the essence. This step needs 5 to 10 minutes. 图片4
  • How to comb your hair when you rinse hair? Do not comb directly from the scalp to the hair tip. Hair will be knotted off and easily get broken. Gradually comb upwards from below part. First, comb hair tip; then move to the middle part; the last it to comb from the scalp to the hair tip.图片5
  • Pay attention to the material of your comb. Use wooden comb or massaging comb. They can prevent static electricity effectively and massage the scalp, promoting hair growth.图片6
  • Hair oil. Every time after washing the head, when 70%-80% hair is dry, drip 3 to 5 drops of hair oil in the palm, and then rub hands to warm it up. Evenly apply the oil on the hair tail. Apply the rest on the middle part. Rub your hair with your palm for absorb (If it is your first time to use hair oil, try 1-2 drops only. Otherwise you may feel the hair is too greasy.


  • Changing the hair quality is a slow process. The key is to insist on doing it. Try these tips for getting beautiful shining hair soon!


4 DIY Hair Masks For Spring

Before changing your hair style, you need to improve your hair quality. True or false? If you answered true, we’ve recommended you our Top 4 DIY Hair Masks. All recipes are made up of natural ingredients which you can probably find all of them in your refrigerator.  Let’s get started!

1. Coconut Hair Repairing Mask图片1

If your hair is dry or sensitive, this coconut mask is sure to help it sparkle and shine. The coconut hair repairing mask restores the moisture and shine of your hair and softens it.

What you need to prepare: – 2 tablespoon of coconut oil  and 1 tablespoon of honey

Directions: 1. Mix all ingredients into a bowl; 2. Transfer the mixture into a pot and heat it up until it is melted; 3. Apply it to hair from top to the tip and then cover the hair with a shower cap; 4. Rinse after 15-20 mins

2. Banana Almond Hair Mask图片2


Banana and Almond are rich in vitamins, protein and mineral substance. This hair mask repairs weak and split hair.

Preparation: 1 Banana and 4 drops of almond oil

Directions: 1. Mash the banana; 2. Mix the mashed banana with 4 drops of almond oil; 3. Apply the mixture to hair from top to tip and cover the hair with a shower cap; 4. Hair care should last for 10-15 mins ; 5. Wash the hair with warm water.

3. Avocado Hair Mask图片3

If your hair is dry and dull, this avocado mask is sure to help it sparkle and shine! The avocado hair mask will restore shine, fight against frizz, repair any damage and add moisture.

Materials needed: 1 Avocado, half glass of milk and 1 tablespoon of olive oil

Directions: 1. Mix all ingredients into a bowl; 2. Apply it to your hair from the tips to the roots and cover your hair with a shower cap 4. Rinse your hair after the 15-20 minutes’ hair care.

4. Strawberry Hair Mask图片4

The strawberry hair mask eliminates excessive oil and gives your hair a glossy shine. The strawberry hair mask smells so fresh and helps to remove odor of scalp. Try not to eat this tasty hair mask ok?

What You’ll Need:  4-6 fresh strawberries, 1 egg and 1 tablespoon of olive oil

Directions: 1. Mash the strawberries and mix them with olive oil; 2.  Mix the egg Yolk with mashed strawberry; 3.Apply it to your hair from the tips to the roots and cover all your hair with a shower cap 4. After 15-20 minutes, wash your hair with warm water.