Do You Know How to Choose the Right Makeup for Your Skin Tone?

Many ladies love makeup. However, most of makeup products are classified by skin tone. In order to avoid choosing the improper tone, it’s necessary for us to know our own skin tone.

Know about your skin tone.

The easy but quick way to judge your skin tone is by telling the color of vein of your wrist. Blue or purple means cool skin tone and green indicates warm skin tone. You likely have a neutral skin tone if you have difficulty deciding if your veins are blue or green.



Now we can choose the suitable makeup correspondingly after knowing what type of skin tone you have. Foundation is the first. It’s believed that foundation should be tried on the back of hand, but it’s wrong. We can’t actually determine whether the tone of this foundation matches our own skin tones or not, because the color of the back of hand is different from our faces’. It isn’t also right to try the foundation on the face. Although we apply foundation on our faces, we can’t neglect our neck. The right way is applying a small amount of the shade along your jawline. The correct hue should match your skin tone and blend well. Make sure you are testing the foundation in natural light. Stand by a window or go outside to ensure the color blends well into your skin and does not look chalky or too tanned. It’s common for cool skin tone to choose a cool-color foundation with blue or pink undertones. Select yellow-toned foundation for a warm skin tone. For neutral skin tone, buff, nude or ivory are ok. In my opinion, the selection range of neutral skin tone is wider in choosing makeup.



An appropriate blush can make you look well and be a highlight. It’s a good choice to choose pink, rose or purple for cool skin tone. Actually, the purple color blush with blue undertone can enhance your charm and skin tone. If you have warm skin tone, you can choose pink or peach to highlight a level of skin tone. Pink, coral and peach are suitable for neutral skin tone.



For many girls, lipstick is the first makeup stuff they know about. The temperament can be indicated by a wonderful hue of lips. Cool skin tone should consider purple, rose, nude, pink gloss and sheer. Warm red, brown or pale warm are the preference for warm skin tone. For neutral skin tone, there’s a wide range to choose according to the need of makeup, besides cherry red, rose and mauve.


We are crazy and make excuses to buy when we saw the color testing from makeup blogger or the posed advertisement by brands. However we should consume rationally and make the correct choice according to our own skin tone. Sincerely hope this post can help you!

A Few Simple Tips to Take Full Care of Your Lips

Many people pay much attention to facial skin care, but usually neglect the lip. It is generally considered that lips can get adequate protection with lip balm. But in fact the lips should be cared fully, because that the endurance of lip against environment is the weakest.

The skin of lip is fragile and exposed to the air, so it is vulnerable with environmental damage. Furthermore, it hasn’t sebaceous gland to secrete grease, so the lack of a natural protective film does not only easily cause moist loss, but also has no resistance to the UV of sun.

How can we protect our lips effectively? The following methods can help you restore the moisturized lip:

  1. Use the appropriate lipstick. Inappropriate lipstick will directly hurt the lips, such as causing dryness, peeling, chapped lip and so on. It’s best to choose lip balm, lip gloss or lip glaze which has a certain sun protection factor, for the reason that the UV do harms to lip.
  2. Apply lipstick to keep moisturized before sleep.
  3. Regularly do lip scrub. Firstly, use a hot towel to soften the lip, and then gently scrub lip with salt or scrub cream. Finally wash the lips with warm water. Then coat it with a thick layer of lip balm.
  4. Apply lip balm every day (2 to 3 times a day).

Your lip will be fully cared and become hydrated all the time if you chronically follow the above tips.