8 Mistakes of Using Cleansing brush

More and more people use cleansing brush recently, but a lot of people comment that cleansing brush is not so good but even making skin worse. So how to use cleansing brush correctly? What mistakes we need to avoid? Here are the answers:

Mistake 1: Cleanser is not enough


If the cleanser is not enough, of course, there is no way to completely cleansing the skin! There’s an small circle in the middle of the bristles. Cover this central area with cleanser. It is almost the standard usage amount.

Mistake 2: Share the cleansing brush with others2

Never share your brush head with others. The bacterium from your partner’s face silently land on yours. That’s too terrible.

Mistake 3: Do not clean brush head


As the most important part of the cleansing brush, the brush head should be cleaned every time after use.

Mistake 4: Stop using it on acne


In fact, the design of the vibration and the brush head is profession. The cleansing is effective and damage-free on skin. It is okay to use it on the acne. Just follow instructions exactly and do not wash face more than 60 seconds. Using it correctly eases all the worry about stimulating the skin.

Mistake 5: Do not clean the handle part


The handle is also very easy to hide dirt, so please carefully clean the main unit part at least once a month.

Mistake 6: Use the brush with exfoliating cream.7

Cleansing brush has a mild exfoliating function. If you clean face with cleansing brush and exfoliating cream, your the skin is harmed due to excessive cleansing. Especially for sensitive skin owners, please do not try this cleansing method easily.

Mistake 7: Do not replace the brush head on time6

No matter how carefully you clean brush, brush head will always need to be replaced regularly . Only by changing brush head every 3 month, the effect of skin cleaning can play out.

Mistake 8: Lack of water

Just like washing with hands, it is not easy to lather up without enough water. Remember to wet the brush before using.

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