6 steps for men to wash his hair properly

For many men, spending time to care their hair seems to waste their precious time, especially in the rushed morning. However, if you quickly wash your hair in one minute, then you may damage your hair instead of protecting it. Read this article and find the correct ways about how men should wash their hair properly, which is very helpful.


Step 1: Rinse your hair

The first step to correctly wash hair is to rinse your hair thoroughly. Make sure the whole scalp is wet and ready for shampoo. You need to stand in the shower for at least two minutes or pour five cups of water into your hair to make sure the hair is wet enough.

Step 2: Make shampoo fully work on the scalp

Take the right amount of shampoo and rub it on your palm. Make the shampoo produce abundant foam on the scalp. Remember to massage the scalp with your finger to increase the circulation of blood. Keep massaging for two minutes until there is enough foam!

Step 3: Keep the foam on your scalp for one minute

Once you follow the above way to use shampoo, do not rush to rinse off your hair. You need to let the shampoo foam stay on the scalp for about 45 seconds to 1 minute.

Step 4: Rinse off the shampoo thoroughly.

Rinsing off the shampoo is one of the most important things in the whole process. What’s more, we see men only rinse off shampoo on hair but not thoroughly rinse the scalp or the area behind the ear. This is not correct. Remember to pay special attention to these parts when washing the hair.

Step 5: Rinse again after using conditioner

After using conditioner, don’t forget to rinse hair thoroughly. Otherwise, the conditioner will clog pores, resulting in hair loss.

Step 6: Wipe your hair with a soft towel

The last step is important to prevent hair from becoming fragile. Make sure you don’t rub your hair too hard. It is recommended to dry your hair with a soft towel and let the hair dry naturally.


How to Be an Elegant Lady?

Every girl wants to be an elegant lady. However, it’s not an easy thing. It needs you to change and restrain your behavior custom in every aspect. There are some tips which could help you.
1. Be clean and tidy. Take a shower when you need to and keep your hair clean. Brush your teeth and use mouthwash to keep yourself smelling fresh. Keep your hair brushed, your nails reasonably trimmed, and any excessive body hair should also be carefully maintained to reasonable length.


  1. Use makeup and foundations that appear natural.Use concealer, foundation, and powder that are close to your skin tone, so that you look fresh and not tacky. Natural-colored eye shadow andsuitable lipstick color can make you energetic.


  1. Wear nice clothes.Avoid clothes which look overly casual, dirty, stained, or ruined. Don’t wear clothes that have holes or otherwise look distressed. Know your figure to choose the right size of clothing, nothing too small or too large. 图片2
  2. Exercise regularly. Maybe we can’t change our appearance, but we can change our figure by exercise. Jogging three times a week or doing yoga after work are good ways to relax and exercise.图片3
  3. Be polite to everyone you meet, whether you think they deserve it or not.Don’t be passive-aggressive or sarcastic when things go wrong. Just get through all situations with perfect politeness.
  4. Be confident and act confidently.Of course you don’t have to actually be confident (for a lot of people, it’s mostly an act) but act as confident as you can. Tell yourself you’re beautiful, intelligent, and that you know what you’re doing…because you are and you do!           图片4Nobody knows the true standard of an elegant lady. But you will be benefited a lot if you stick to the above tips.

Secret of the Age


Wrinkle, a word that people are afraid to hear, is a signal to you that your skin has begun to aging. Don’t be afraid. Here are some tips for reducing wrinkles.

1.Wear sunglasses

If you do not wear sunglasses, in addition to sunburn, squinting eyes can cause wrinkles around the eyes. Therefore, make it a good habit to wear sunglasses.

  1. Apply sunscreen

In order to prevent your skin from damage from the UV ray, apply sunscreen with SPF of at least 15 before 30 minutes going into the sun.

  1. Quit smoking and avoid secondhand smoke

The frequency of smoking and age of smoking is highly related to wrinkling. Smoking can lead to hypoxia in skin and other organs, as well as lack of nutrition; Smoking increases the production of human free radicals, which is the main cause of skin aging.

  1. Try to lie on the back when sleeping

If you sleep on one side, it’s more likely to cause wrinkles on the side of the face. Sleeping with face on a pillow can easily form a “sleep line”, just like crow’s-feet and forehead wrinkles. The best way to prevent wrinkles is to lie on your back.

  1. Use moisturizing cream

If you wash face too frequently or not timely use moisturizing cream, it will easily lead to dry skin cells, dark skin and increased wrinkles. High-quality moisturizer can keep the skin moisturized and reduce wrinkles.

  1. Regular exercise

A Canadian study found that older people who reduce sedentary time and has better skin structure and their skin is younger for more than 10 years. This is because the regular exercise is beneficial to improve the health of the cardiovascular system. Skin gets more nourishment and blood oxygen.

  1. Healthy diet

Diet is essential for combating skin aging and maintaining skin health. Drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat salmon three times a week and other omega 3 fatty acid foods. They are helpful to fight wrinkles.

  1. Stay away from the highly processed and refined food; eat less sugar

These foods contain substances that cause premature of the skin and should be eaten as little as possible.

  1. Learn to release pressure

When living under great pressure, the body will release aging promoting hormone cortisol in the bloodstream and accelerate the appearance of wrinkles. Practicing yoga, diary, singing, walking and meditation are good ways to relax.

Tips for getting rid of Acne

Causes of formation of Acne

It’s well believed that acnes are mainly caused by oil secretion, excessive accumulation of horny pores, and the growth of bacterial. Instead, it may also be caused by unreasonable diet, nerves, visceral dysfunction, poor living or working conditions, the lack of certain rare elements, genetic factors, and constipation. For teenagers, it is probably caused by puberty development – increasing levels of hormones in the body, stimulating epithelial cells, gathering into a white substance symbolization inside the hair and generating the acne.

It’s undeniable that acne is a common thing people suffer in adolescence.1

How to prevent?

  • Do not use the skin care products which contain excess of grease
    • Do not use astringent as soon as you wash your face, because it would clog your sebaceous gland with the addition of the “original grease”.


  • Do not have heavy makeup
    • It’s understandable to apply foundation to cover up those acnes,but it not only would block pores, and also aggravate the situation. If the situation is slight, you might use water-soluble foundation for a short period. If not, you’d better stop making up.
  • Add moisture frequently
    • In order to prevent skin from aging and keep the skin’s elastic luster, adding moisture is indispensable.
  • Have a healthy diet
    • Balance your diet is of importance. It’s well-known that an apple a day, keep the doctor away. At this point, “An apple” is a healthy diet and “the doctor” is the acne.
    • Eat less those food with sugar, starch, grease and spicy.
    • At least have 7 hours’ sleeping everyday


How to get rid of it?

  • Aloe + honey: take a small piece of fresh aloe vera, cut into small pieces, put in a pot with 500 ml of water to boil for 15 minutes.Then remove the aloe residue, take the filtrate, add some honey in it and all set to drink. Meanwhile, it’s beneficial for anti-acne to apply aloe slices to face once a day.3
  • Milk + strawberry whitening anti-acne mask: strawberry yogurt mask is popular in recent years. It’s not difficult for you to DIY one. First, add 50 grams of strawberry mashed to filter in a double-decker of gauze; drop the filtrate into a cup of fresh milk, apply strawberry milk to the face and neck after stirring well and massage; keep the milk in the face about 15 minutes before cleaning. This beauty milk can nourish and cleanse your skin with a mild convergence and anti-wrinkle effect.4
  • Milk + mung bean whitening anti-acne mask: grind the green beans with skin, and then slowly pour it into a cup of fresh milk, and stir it till a paste; next, apply the mask to your face, starting from the chin, to the cheeks, nose, forehead evenly, and apply a slightly wet mask paper abovein order to avoid the mask from evaporating too fast in the air. 30 minutes later, you can wash the mask. Furthermore, the mask should not be on the face for too long, otherwise it would plug the pores consequently.                                                                    5


Wish you get rid of acne ASAP.

8 Ways to Solve the Yellowing of Your Nails

  1. Do not use dark nail polish

We all like the dark color nail polish, just like navy blue, but always using dark nail polish will change the original color of nails. Hence remember to change to  light-colored bright nail polish, giving nails a little time for self-healing.


  1. Must use nail base coat

Nail base coat can isolate your nails and nail polish, so that your nails are protected from being dyed. Nail base coat keeps the health of nails. When you paint nail polish, remember to use nail base coat first.


  1. Nail Buffing

If you find that your nail color is starting to change, you’d better to use a polishing plate to completely remove the stained dyed layer.


  1. Use lemon juice

Lemon juice contains a certain amount of acid that can remove the yellowing of the fingernail without hurt. Cut a lemon into two halves. Insert the fingertip into the lemon for about 30 to 60 seconds; or you can dip lemon juice with the cotton ball to wipe the nail bed, and rinse it after 10 minutes.


  1. Chemical method

After mixing the water with hydrogen peroxide, use toothbrush to clean the nail bed, or put your fingers into the mixed solution for a few minutes until the nail discolor.

  1. Protect the nails with tea tree oil

Fingernail discoloration is often caused by fungal invasion. Tea tree oil has excellent anti-inflammatory effect; it can help solve the problem of yellowing nail. Let a drop of tea tree oil stay on the nail bed for a few minutes and washed it away. Continuously doing it for a month, you can see the effect.

  1. Use teeth whitening strips

Teeth whitening strips is more than a tool for teeth. It can be used to remove the yellowing on nails. Cut it into an appropriate size fitting the nail beds, and then post it on the nails for 30 minutes. You will see the effect.

  1. Use fruit

Except lemon, you can use orange or berries to whiten nails. After eating the oranges, wipe nails with orange peel. Another good method is mixing mashed berries with warm water. Follow the above step once a day and you will see particularly good results.

9 basic principles of hair care

  • The scalp and hair care not the same, whether cleaning or care, please treat them as different parts and use different products on them. Usually, long hair is more convenient to be separated for care but short hair is not the same. Unless specially indicated, the conditioner should not directly touch the scalp.
  • The main purpose of shampoo is to clean the grease, dust, and shedding dander on the scalp. Hair does not require frequent and strong cleaning.
  • The healthiest part of the hair is the newborn parts. The tail of the hair is the “oldest” part which has been damaged, so when the hair bifurcate, don’t hesitate to cut them off.
  • Hair is easy to get damaged.It is extremely difficult to recover. Here are some common causes of damage to hair: hot dye, frequent hot straightening, hot air drying, wet comb or over dry comb, nail scratching, rubber Tendons tied, and strong cleaning products.                                                       
  • Treat hair as fabric. It’s hard to completely change the characteristics of a fabric. All the moisture is temporary, like cosmetics. They don’t really penetrate into the hair. So don’t depend on these products too much.
  • Clean hair has fluffy appearance.The hair becomes smooth with the natural oils produced by our scalp. So when cleaning hair we must apply the products with appropriate care ingredients. Besides cleaning ingredients, most shampoo contains the hair care ingredients. If you use the products without hair care function, remember to apply the latter after hair cleaning.
  • Everyone should choose hair care product based on their own scalp and hair nature. For example, oily scalp needs strong cleaning ingredients, but this will make the hair dry. Therefore strengthening moisture is needed. For those who wash hair every day or whose scalp is not greasy, you can use shampoo with medium cleaning ability. For those with fine soft hair, if you want to pursue fluffy effect, use shampoo with conditioning ingredients on the scalp and hair root, just applying moisturizing ingredients on the hair tail.
  • There are not a product and a care program for everyone, so try different products and care tools to slowly grope for suitable products and cleaning methods.
  •  With the changes in the environment, your hair and scalp environment has a corresponding change. Do not use the same product and the same care measures throughout the year. In summer increase the cleaning frequency, use more powerful shampoo products. While in winter you should reduce the cleaning frequency and intensity.

6 good methods to take care of your hands

A lot of people stay in air-conditioned room all day ,the skin water of the hands loss quickly,the skin of hands become more and more dry,so how to make dry skin better? This article describes six good methods to take care the skin of the hands for your reference.

  1. Choose a mild cleaning products

In daily life, it is difficult to avoid contact with a variety of cleaning products, such as facial cleanser, soap, detergent, these cleaning products have too strong alkaline, will washed off the skin surface oil thoroughly, making the skin become more rough and dry. So in the choice of cleaning products, avoid the choice of products that have strong alkaline, choose that contain vitamin E and B products which make your hands more moderate moisture.

  1. Once a week to exfoliate

One of the reasons for the rough hand is horny too thick, you can soaked with warm water hands first, and then use scrubbing cream in the hands gently massage, massage the back of the hand and palm 10 minutes. It is recommended to choose a scrubbing cream containing protein, because this scrubbing cream can effectively bleach and deep clean the skin, remove dead skin and promote cell metabolism.

  1. Do not wash your hands with high temperature water

It’s comfortable to wash your hands with high temperature water, but sometimes it will make your rough skin more dry, because the high temperature of the water easily cause a lot of water in the skin loss, destruction hand skin balance oil secretion, the skin becomes dry and rough , So If you do not want your hands become more rough and dry, wash hands with warm water or cold water is better.

  1. Carry the hand cream

Every time after washing hands, apply hand cream with soothing repair function, each time after the bath, skin cuticle still contains a lot of water, it is best time to apply hand cream .Whether it is day or night, carry hand cream, as long as you feel dry at any time apply it. It is recommended to choose the hand cream with daytime SPF sunscreen in daily.

  1. Hand sunscreen

During the day, be sure to apply hand cream with sunscreen function. Because of ultraviolet light, can make the skin pigment precipitate, so that the hand become more dark, Skin color becomes uneven. At night, you can also use the night cream with whitening effect to maintain the skin of the hand.

  1. Fingers movement

Do some finger movement, can help hands to maintain flexibility and coordination, Such as when the rest, watching TV, you can do finger exercises or finger massage. Finger movement, can be pretended to play the piano, so that the fingers can quickly respond, or clenched fist, and then stretch, and then clenched fist, repeated. This can not only be flexible hand, but also make the hands look more beautiful.